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We are Divisional Managers of
Bioptron in New Zealand, we have trained all Bioptron Agents since 2000 and are members of the  New Zealand Light & Colour Therapy Institute
David was the person rsponsible for the treatment of Kashin the elephant at Auckland Zoo
Fern is the most senior ranked Agent in the company and is responsible for the company attendance at over 40 Expos per year and supports nearly 300 agents in the field.
The Bioptron is all about light and how it can be used on or by anyone as a Natural Healing process; to minimize the use of drugs, medicines and pills. It is extremely efficient at assisting the body to heal itself and is used on Wounds, Pain, Skin problems and a host of general health problems.

It supplies natural electro-magnetic energy to the cellular system - just as the Sun does, but being a concentrated beam of light it is much faster and more efficient.

Light Therapy (Photo-therapy) has been around since ancient times and even has a 1903 Nobel Medicine prize winner. Now it is at a level of "Star Trek" technology that is
available to, and useable by everyone today.
What is most important is that you can own one and use it on every member of the family with excellent results. It is ideal for use by persons of any age and in this site we will show you a variety of uses, successful treatments and how you can use it with Colour lenses for Colour Therapy.
Most importantly - you don't have to be trained on how to use it - Point & Shoot is about as easy as you can get.

However we do appreciate that some people can be a bit apprehensive about pointing something at themselves, so you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to reassure yourself you can come to no harm using a Bioptron Light.

In fact since it was developed from the Medical Laser in 1981 and tested by Medical & Scientific Institutes, there has never been a single reported side effect from its use by Hospitals, Clinics, Vets and the general public in 50 countries.
During the latter months of 2005 Bioptron was used by David to treat a premature baby
born without lungs, at Auckland Hospital post-natal IC unit with great success.
In December a B2 Bioptron was introduced into the Kidz Burns unit
at Middlemore Hospital, on the instigation of the senior surgeon
Dr Tristan de Chalain. This was the result of treatment on Charlotte Bisman,
the Menincoccal Meningitis baby who lost both arms and legs by amputation.

Now very prominent in European Hospitals for treating serious burns and leg ulcers, the Bioptron's use has also been extended into the physiotherapy field to reduce pain.

In New Zealand it was even used to assist an elephant to get rid of 15 years of
Arthritis in both front feet and has been found to work exceptionally well on
thoroughbred horses and dogs.

If you are looking for a reliable, Swiss made, medical device for your health problems - this is it !!
We have used the Bioptron personally for12 years, for10 years in our Clinic
and have hundreds of patients and clients who have greatly benefited from its use.

To see how you can benefit we invite you to visit all the pages on this site.
Whilst everyone is fairly unique, the human body system is totally receptive to the energy of the Bioptron. This allows it to be used for numerous ailments with outstanding success.
You are welcome to contact us for more information,
to let us know you would like treatment at our clinic, or to find out how you can own one so that you can take care of your own health improvement.
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