There are 4 main areas in which BIOPTRON has proved very efficient at assisting the body to heal itself:

        WOUND HEALING:  cuts, grazes, scratches, leg ulcers, bed sores and immediately after operations, 
                                        amputations and skin  grafts.

        SKIN PROBLEMS:   Acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, lupus, scars and wrinkles.

        PAIN :                     All physical pain including joints, headaches, migraines, wounds etc.

       GENERAL:               Coughs, colds, eyes, ears, tinnitus, energy, bone breaks, sprains, torn ligaments &  
                                       muscles, stiff necks, frozen shoulders, rotator cuff etc. etc.

There are some things the light cannot do - its prime purpose is to act as a catalyst to provide
electro-magnetic energy to the cell structure. 
We do not use it directly on cancer cells but can assist with pain relief, detoxification and lymphatic drainage.
It cannot revive dead cells or create new ones but it can promote the activity of healthy cells to regenerate.
A very serious case of Psoriasis treated with Bioptron over a 4 week period.
Treatment included Colour stress relief and 'white' light from a B2 on each area for 6 minutes.
A knee replacement gone wrong. Split by physio only 4 days after the operation, the wound became infected and within a week was causing septic shock. After 5 days of Bioptron & Oxy Spray the inflammation had reduced and the body stabilised. After 4 weeks the scar tissue had been fully ejected and new tissue growth started. Skin tissue closure was completed within 9 weeks. Treatment carried out by David in Auckland 2003.
Ulcers caused by rose bush scratches. Treated conventionally for nearly a year and then the option of amputation.
Treated sporadically with a Bioptron Compact the pictures on the right are only 3 months after light treatment began
and since then even the scars have gone.
The above series of pictures come from major hospitals in Europe where Bioptron is increasingly used for Burns
The capabilities of the Light to assist cellular regeneration, without skin grafts, is well proven.
Kashin is an Asian elephant at the Auckland Zoo, aged 31 at the time of these photos.She had suffered from severe arthritic pain in both feet for 15 years - not uncommon when you weigh 3.3 tons and you are a bit pigeon toed.

Several years earlier a bone was removed from her right foot and the operational 'hole' was still there - some 4 to 5 cm deep. Due to the pain in her feet Kashin had spent a lot of time lying down and developed a 'bed sore' on her right cheek.

On accepting our offer of help, the vet insisted that to give Bioptron a fair trial, all other treatments would be suspended. Using a B2 each foot was treated for 6 minutes, once a day. The sore and op wound were treated for the same period.

Within about 3 days the keepers reported a massive change in attitude - more responsive to commands, eating better and even playing with twigs and leaves. After 2 weeks an infrared imaging camera was used to check on the degree of inflammation in the feet and by comparison with earlier pictures had reduced considerably.

The operation wound healed up within 14 days, the bed sore after 21 days and the feet were declared clear after 2 months - a total of 8 hours light therapy. To this day Kashin still receives occasional treatment on the feet but there has been little if any return to her previous condition.
This is a horse called Toi who lives on a farm in Dannevirke. Probably due to maltreatment when young he hates male humans and will attack whenever possible.

Undergoing a 4 minute Relax colour treatment he was able to be walked to a distant pen by David and later shod by the blacksmith without even being tethered.
Animals respond naturally to the Bioptron light - sensing instinctively that it will help them to repair damage.
The above photos were taken in Waiuku, Whangarei and Helensville - the latter a stone bruise that had the horse limping for nearly a week. After 2 minutes of purple it was able to place the hoof squarely on the ground and within half an hour was walking around normally.
Please be patient - pictures may take a while to download.
BIOPTRON Treatments
BIOPTRON Treatments
This unfortunate animal got itself caught on protruding nails of a fence being built. A vet was called who stitched up the wounds but 3 days later they suppurated and burst open.

A local Bioptron agent was called and treated the horse with blue light to kill the pain and promote the healing process.

The wounds were then treated with a PRO for 6 minutes once a day for only 3 days a week.

Taken after only 4 weeks from the incident the degree of healing is remarkable.
These are
the visible results of
Bioptron Light Therapy.
There are thousands more who have healed internal wounds and crippling emotional conditions.

Taking charge of healing ourselves naturally has become even more urgent, especially as the world medical authorities are trying to stem the flood of people looking for
Natural Healing.